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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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how are you feeling, why did you do it. how do you file the suspect in a u.s. church shooting that killed nine people is under arrest. president obama expresses his anger. >> at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact in this type of mass violence does not happen in other advance countries. relo this is al jazeera, live from london. also coming up - greece's finance minister refuses to contemplate a eurozone exit
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despite his country slipping closer to a default the u.n. says the numbers displaced by war and persecution reached a record high of 60 million. national passions stirred in europe as the continent marked 200 years since the battle of waterloo hello, we begin in the united states, where police arrested a suspect in a shooting which killed nine people in historic black south carolina church. 21 year-old dylann roof was detained in a traffic stop three hours away in north carolina. detective say he spent an hour at a church prayer meeting before opening fire. one of the nine dead was the church paster and democratic
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state member clementa pinckney he was a campaigner against civil rights. president obama expressed anger over the shootings saying such incidents of gun violence don't happen in other advance countries. we speak to andy gallagher shortly. first, here is hit report. >> reporter: this is the man arrested in a fatal church shooting in south carolina. . >> i'm pleased to announce that we have made an arrest we have arrested dylann roof. >> reporter: place say he spent an hour at a night-time prayer meeting at the historical emanuel a.m.e. church and then stood up and started shooting. this, say police, was a hate crime. >> we woke up today... ..and the heart and sole of south carolina was broken.
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>> reporter: as police worked around the scene of the massacre a nation-wide search went out. the alleged shoot er was pulled over in a north carolina stop. his uncle recognised the picture and alerted the authorities. >> that awful person, that terrible human being who would go into a place of worship where people were praying, and kill them is now in custody where he will always remain. >> for the 14th time since he became president, president obama had to talk about a mass shooting in america of. >> at some point we as a country would have to reckon as a fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other
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advanced countries, it's in our ability to do something about it. >> in a facebook page, roth is seen carrying a flag of south africa, apartheid. >> it has to stop. . >> people are scared to talk about the real issue, which is race. that's what we duck around from. >> reporter: it's alleged roof told one women in the church she would live to tell what happened. community leaders in charleston say it is a time for solidarity. >> we stand in solidarity. we solicit your prayers for family members that lost loved ones. >> reporter: police will interview roth, and want to know if he acted alone, and if there's a reason he did what he did. . >> andy joins me live from charleston. what do we know about dylann roof the man suspected of carrying out the attack?
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we have seen police reports that he had been banned from a mall because he went inside asking business owners how many worked there. he was arrested by police banned from the mall and turned up later and arrested for trespassing. that's as much as we know about his criminal background. more than that is not known at the moment. he is in custody, having been arrested this morning, three hours from my location in charleston. it came about because the story has been huge ear are here. -- huge here. the police were tipped off. the police say the response was huge here. they have teams standing by for each and every tip one paid off. dylann roof was picked up and is cooperating with police. if there are two words that stand up one is defiance and healing. defines because the church
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leaders in the church and it's an important cultural church, set up by slaves who were frying to fight for freedom. they say that they picked on the wrong church. they will heal and heal as a city. a pastor said it was important, that everyone in the community, no matter what the colour or race is, will come together to embrace the tragedy and the loss of nine lives. >> president obama is saying that he's sad and angry at what is taking place at this church in south carolina and charleston. he is saying that the u.s. must come to grips with his record on gun violence it's not the first time he's made the comments. >> i mean it's about the 13th or 14th time. i've been reporting in this country for the past 15 years, and i have been to many mass shootings, gun control - will it
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happen it's not likely to happen in this administration. you can't get the people who are for or against gun control. it's a conversation that will not happen even after a tragedy like this. president obama talked about this reflecting america's dark history. when i spoke to a pastor. he has no doubt that this was a racially motivated crime, the fbi is treating it as a hate crime. >> thank you. andy gallagher in church. scuffling broke out at a news conference held by houthi officials in geneva of the the head houthi delegate had a shoe thrown at him. an act that is insulting in arab culture. the incident underscores deep
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divisions. they'll try to reach a humanitarian truce. from geneva hashem ahelbarra reports. >> reporter: from the mountains of sanaa to the united nations offices in geneva, a journey that sums up the houthi rise to power. a senior member of the houthis, or the partisans of god as they call themselves, his fighters and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh have a growing influence in yemen. hamza is on a charm offensive, saying he's here to talk about peace and turn the chapter of war. >> translation: we are committed to dialogue and a political agreement between all the factions. we want partnership. we don't want to exclude any party. >> the government is skeptical, saying the houthis are starting time. >> translation: it hasn't started because the houthi
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representatives had no vision. we hope they join talks with the u.n. and recognise the legitimacy of the government. >> reporter: former president ali abdullah saleh and his ally control the republican guard, an elite army unit blamed for shelling civilian areas. they have been firing rockets at neighbourhoods in tiaz to repel a push by tribesmen loyal to abd-rabbu mansour hadi. his envoy to the talks says the army should city intact to protect yemen. >> the military establishment, which is constantly pounded by the saudi-led coalition is the only guarantee against a political vacuum in yemen. the army is the back bone against any transition of democracy. if there's no army and police the next government will be undermined by militias and al qaeda. the houthi press conference turned into a scuffle. secessionists from the south accused the houthis of killing
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people in southern yemen. as fighting conditions across yemen, talks are stalled in geneva. the united nations hasn't been able to narrow differences between the rival factions. >> in the absence of progress in geneva, yemen's only hope is an agreement between the key players and the international community on a humanitarian truce, and have all the parties in yemen accepted and stop the suffering of people greek finance minister insists there's time to reach a bailout deal with the country's creditors, despite the latest meeting with eurozone finance minister failing to reach an agreement after talks in luxembourg. there'll be more discussions next week with another summit set for monday. >> we are dangerously close to a
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state of mind that accepts an accident. and i urge my colleagues not to give pray to this state of mind. we can forge ahead with an agreement. our government is standing by with ideas, and a termination to cultivate the two forms of trust necessary to end the drama. >> as of today it is possible to find an agreement and extend the programme before the end of the month. the ball is in the greek court to seize that opportunity. we feel that agreement must be credible credible from the perspective of sustainable offenses and economic recovery in greece. also it has to be credible from a point of view of credibility of monetary union and the eurozone as a whole
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all right. we are getting live pictures now coming to us from shelby there. let's take a look at this at the moment. we have been bringing you news - this is shelby in north carolina. and alleged gunman dylann roof is expected to be loaded on to this plane and transported from north carolina to south carolina. that is expected to take place shortly. so gunmen dylann roof a reminder that he was detained by police in north carolina. this is about a 3-hour drive from where the shooting took place at a church in south carolina, charleston south carolina and, of course this location enormously symbolic to the civil rights struggle and the struggle to end slavery in the united states. we understand that that shooting took place. nine people were killed and dylann roof managed to escape.
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police detained him. some three hours away from south carolina and right now these are pictures coming from shelby in north carolina where dylann roof will be loaded on to the plane and transported back to south carolina. we'll stay across that and update you. moving on to our other story - human selfishness is the reason for global warming. this is the message from pope francis in a long-awaited announcement on an environment. in a tweet the pontiff used stronger language saying the earth, our home is looking like an immense pile of filth. this report from the vatican. vatican. >> reporter: it's judgment day on the causes of climate change. the vatican released a long letter called an encyclical written by pope francis with his views on ecology and environment, embracing the theory that global warming is mainly caused by human activity.
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in the 184-paged document published in eight languages pope francis called for changes with what he calls: accusing governments of not doing enough to tackle the problem. the pope's unprecedented stance is an answer to prayers from environmentalists. >> translation: it's important that the pope says climate change carries an ethical and moral burden. we agree it is an ethical issue, it affects the poor and those that bear less responsibility. the pope's message has an impact on catholics around the world and we hope it pushes politicians to act. >> reporter: pope francis based conclusions on global warming on the findings of the international scientific community, the vatican claims it was among the first institution to believe that global warming is caused by human activity.
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built in 1603 the vatican pontifical the academy of sciences was the first in the world. galileo galilea was along the first members, tried for heresy. the catholic church these days has full faith in science. >> they say we follow what the american scientists say. it's us through academy members who first claimed in the 1990s, that the disproportionate use of fossil fuel caused climate change and global warming. >> reporter: the vatican is trying to set an example by aiming to become the first carbon neutral state. not impossible for the smallest state in the world with no industries. ironically it pollutes the most on the day a new pope is elected. >> time to take out the trash. >> reporter: the encyclical
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became a block buster for environmental groups around the world. a non profit in brazil released a hollywood-style trailer has been released in relation to it. the real pope is asked to use his power of persuasion to make the world a cleaner place . >> still ahead for you on al jazeera, protests in the dominican republic as hundreds of thousands of haitians face deportation under a new law georgia warns that a tiger, bear and high heena are on the loose after a flood destroyed tbilisi
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after a flood destroyed tbilisi zoo welcome back, you're watching al jazeera, a recap of the top stories. the 21-year-old arrested by police over the murder of nine people at an historic black church in the southern united states is about to be flown from north carolina to south carolina. these are live pictures coming from shelby in north carolina. president obama says the country is to question how killers get hold of their guns. eurozone finance minister fail to strike a deal with greece to deal with its debt. it was announced after a day of talks in luxembourg. the leader of the catholic church says human selfishness is the reason for global warming,
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part of pope francis's long-awaited announcement on the environment in other stories, in the dominican republic hundreds of thousands of migrants face deportation under a new immigration law. the two countries share an island in the caribbean. david mercer reports. >> reporter: they have been lining up for days straight to get the papers they need immigrant workers from haiti, some of whom lived here for decades. >> they don't want haitians here. they began the process so we can stay legally, but it's all for nothing, they want us to get out of the country. >> reporter: those that haven't managed to register as foreign workers, and rights groups say there could be as many as 300,000. they now face deportation. some leading dominican businessmen saying taking so many workers out of the country will damage the rapidly growing economy. they are not the only ones of
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threat. those born here to undocumented immigrant parents have had their dominican citizenship taken away. >> wilma, is one who could be stateless, a 22-year-old, was born into a community dedicated to cutting sugar cane. the fact that his father who arrived 50 years ago is undocumented means that he has lost his right to stay. when he tried to renew his birth certificate, it was taken from him. he, his siblings and children are facing an uncertain future. >> i feel dominican, i am a native of this place. i was born here, my child was born here. this is the only country i know. >> reporter: this activist visits those most vulnerable to being deported to haiti, a country many have never visited. she said the threatened deportations are the latest
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example of discrimination towards those with haitian roots, a prejudice grown as hatians moved out of the countryside and into the cities. >> some dominicans are afraid, because they feel hatians are invading. their xenophobia because we are black and poor. conservatives say a poor country shouldn't have to take in those even poorer. >> international human right groups like amnesty international are concerned how people are rounded up and taken to newly built detention centers, and if they have the right to appeal. making this case on television to a population in favour of the plan, the dominican interior minister rejects criticism. >> translation: if someone arrives and says they are dominican, how do i know they are dominican? how do i know their identity
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when i don't know their name. tell me. should i register them for telling me this. how. >> for those still without the required papers, and no options left. all they can do is wait and hope their family will be spared almost 60 million people around the world have been forced from their homes by war or persecution. that's according to the u.n. refugee agency saying it's the highest figure recorded. under 14 million had to flee in 2014 alone, the biggest increase seen in a single year. well, a meeting to authorise the e.u.'s plan on migrant takes place on monday. italy's foreign minister will cast doubt on whether it will succeed in failing to get libya to agree to a key component. >> on monday the european union will probably decide this defense mission, but we know that the first phase of this
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mission, which is a phase of gathering of information within the different european states will be - will go on without a u.n. resolution. for the next steps, we need a u.n. resolution. this is a reason - another reason to push and press on libyan paths to rush for an agreement now, zoo keepers warn that some animals might be on the loose in georgia's capital after flooding destroyed their enclosures. a tiger was shot and killed wednesday after attacking and killing a man. from tbilisi zoo, we have this report. >> reporter: a smear of blood marks the spot where a predator killed the first man to walk into this warehouse, across the road from the zoo. alexander heard the screams.
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>> translation: we broke the windows and saw how the tiger bit the man on the net. -- neck. we threw a brick at the tiger, he jumped away and ran. it took police two hours to find and shoot the animal. >> reporter: zoo managers claimed all animals were catered for. last weekends's deluge caused chaos in tbilisi. it's not clear how many other animals survived. some considered dangerous were shot. most drowned. rescuers are recovering dead animals from the mud. >> we treated them like our children. we knew their names, their stories. we cared about them, like parents. so, of course, it's hard to lose all of them. >> it looks as if they had to cut open the cages to get the bodies out, because the back entrances are silted up. the river, floodwaters brought through huge amounts of mud,
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rocks and debris, the animals didn't stand a chance. water levels went to the top of the cages. volunteers are cleaning up neighbourhoods. 15 are known to have drowned. others are still missing. this has been a human tragedy. >> it's important, one of them had a 7-year-old boy and 14-year-old. >> there is still concern that out there somewhere may lurk another predator. those animals that have been found, like the now famous hippo, are safe now, denmark held its parliamentary elections and projections suggest that the current prime minister's coalition will be defeated. with more than half of the vote counted, it's projected that lars center right blog will take
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91 or 92 seats. schmitt is expected to take 84 or 83. a right-wing euro sceptic party will come as the second largest single party. >> european royals and documents gathered in belgium to mark the battle of waterloo. it marks a stirring point history. and touches a nerve, whilst stirring national passions. rival armies converged on the battlefield. barnaby phillips went along. >> reporter: in the fields outside brussels, the british army is preparing to fight the french. they don't look like battle hardened soldiers, but the duke of wellington is confident of victory. over the emperor napoleon. >> i've never been defeated by a french army, i have no intention of starting today. >> you have never came face to
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face with the emperor himself, have you? >> i understand the self-proclaimed emperor is not the man he used to be. i understand he's not in good health. i'm in robust health. >> reporter: amidst the pomp and ceremony and fun, it's easy to forget what a terrible slaughter took place on the fields. at the end of the battle of waterloo 50,000 were dead, the wounded were in agony, without access to any form of medical treatment, and the duke of wellington said he was fired of -- tired of war, he never wanted to see another battle. on the opposite side of the battlefield a familiar figure is coming tout inspect his guard. napoleon was a short man, casting a long shadow over europe. i have been summoned to meet him - a great honour. what does napoleon make of europe in 2015?
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>> he would want to be in charge. if he could see europe today, he would not be impressed. he would prefer it to be a great empire, but under-french control. >> this lady is playing a polish countess, one of napoleon's lovers, she pace her respects to the dead. >> remember the people that died here, it's not important which side it was - french, english, russians, just remembering people that died here. >> waterloo was the battle that ended french domination of europe, and brought peace for decades. for the poem that came here, people that have come from across the world, waterloo is an opportunity to live in the past for a few days, and wear fabulous uniforms. now, the u.k.'s parliament building is said to be at risk of irreversible damage unless
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restoration is done, and that could cost $14 million. asbestos was found through the houses of parliament the buildings dateing to 1899. more on that story and everything else on a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a humanity and we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. . >> tonight "techknow" vets the virus hunters.